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Me in MBE

What would I be doing?

Every day individuals and small and medium business owners in the local area will come to you with challenges:

These might include shipping goods to their overseas clients. They might need to print off their new batch of marketing materials by tomorrow. They might need help designing point of sale displays for their shop or their upcoming trade show.

It will be your job to come up with the unique solution to their needs. The sheer variety in most working days is one of the things which keeps our entrepreneurs with us.

You will be handling the packaging, shipping, organising, delivering, distributing, receiving, printing, sorting, binding, copying, scanning and designing of all kinds of business communications. You’re the go-to consultant for local businesses who want to improve their communication efficiency. They will entrust all sorts of processes like this to you to take care of.

Who do I work for?

The range of business communication services you will offer as an MBE Centre ensures that you will quickly become the automatic local choice for business owners, managers and professionals in your area. Your customers will include many individuals, but they will primarily include large numbers of small and medium businesses.

The more you solve problems, the more key local business decision-makers know they can trust the quality of results they get from you, the more customers you will attract. Plus, the more your existing customers will use you for repeat business.

Of course, you will also have MBE’s national-level marketing drawing customers to your door.

What is in it for me?

As an MBE franchisee, you are your own boss. But you also have a huge international network and a central team of specialists ready to give you the support you need to make your business a success.

You’ll have the opportunity to use your own entrepreneurial flair and dedication to build and grow your business. But you will also be relying on proven processes and business methods. Being the Me in MBE gives thousands of entrepreneurs around the world the chance to become independent business owners every day. If you think this could be the right fit for you and your skills, get in touch with us today.

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