Who is MBE?

MBE – About Us and Core Values

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Who is MBE?

MBE is your local, global provider of business communication services. From thousands of local Business Centres in more than 40 countries around the world, we help small and medium companies become more efficient in the way they deliver their goods and services.

We do this by providing the printing, shipping, couriers, retail logistics, graphic design and other expertise they need to concentrate on their core services.

MBE Core Values


without the ability to listen, we are nothing. We are committed to listening to the challenges our customers face every day. Only then can we provide the perfect custom solution.

Honesty, Fairness, Integrity

it’s only through honesty, fairness and integrity that our clients will come to respect us and the quality of the services that we provide.


a global brand like ours only succeeds when we treat people from every part of the world and every culture with respect.


once we’ve taken on a project, we see it through until the client is completely satisfied. Our customers need to know that every MBE entrepreneur is personally committed to overseeing their project’s success.


only by knowing that the competence and professionalism of every MBE specialist can be relied upon will our clients help us continue to grow. Every day, our experts show how to make the seemingly impossible possible.

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