Temperature-Controlled Medical Express Shipping


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​ Temperature-controlled medical express shipping

Arrange medical express shipping to or from Oslo and locations across Norway and around the world. MBE’s expertise in fast, temperature-controlled shipping makes it easy to get your medical goods and supplies to where they need to go:

Do you need to ship items between laboratories? From front-line care facilities to researchers? Or from suppliers to trial locations?

Our logistics specialists make it simple and safe…

Urgent, express and emergency shipments

If you’re in the life sciences, medical or pharmaceutical industry, the timeframe for the arrival of your emergency shipments can often be a matter of life and death.

We specialise in the arrangement of medical express shipments with tight deadlines. We regularly ship laboratory and patient samples, medical supplies and products across Norway and the wider world.

Temperature-controlled transit

For medical deliveries of all kinds, maintaining a steady temperature during transit is vital.

We work with specialist transport companies who have the vehicles and professionally-trained teams required to ensure full temperature control is always place. We also have others who can manage the transportation of dry ice and temperature-controlled units.

Ship almost any kind of medical goods

You can use us to transport almost any type of medical goods, including:

  • Medicines and products for clinical trials
  • Biological and patient samples
  • Clinical supplies
  • Research supplies

If you need to ship a certain item and aren’t sure whether it’s possible, all you need to do is get in touch.

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