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Shipping information

With us you can ship packages worldwide with DHLTNTFedEx  and UPS .
Within Norway and the Nordic countries we also offer shipments with  SchenkerBring (Posten) and Jetpak .

We follow the conditions of the mentioned carriers. If you send a package through Mail Boxes Etc you agree to these terms. The terms of the shipping companies can be found on the respective companies’ websites.

Here are some points to note:

Price calculation

To calculate the price of your shipment, we need both outer packaging dimensions (width x height x length in cm) and real weight on each package.

The volume is converted to volume weight. What the conversion factor is varies slightly from carrier to carrier, but mainly 1m3 = 200 kg is used. (length x height x width in cm / 5000).  See  Volume Weight: DHL Express

The highest volume and real weight are used to calculate the price. If you have a large box of low weight, you pay for volume (the space the box takes), while you have a small box of high weight you pay for the actual weight.

Transit times

The transit times we specify are estimated delivery times. In most cases, the shipment will be delivered within the time specified, but delays may occur as a result of local weather conditions, customs clearance, incorrect address etc, or conditions that come under force majeure.


You always get a tracking number from us when you send. Follow the tracking and let us know immediately if any delays or other deviations occur. Tracking numbers should also be given to the recipient. Problems with customs clearance or address errors are most easily solved by the recipient contacting the shipping company.

Customs clearance in the recipient country

All goods shipped between two countries are subject to customs clearance. We do not have an overview of customs rules and tariffs in the recipient country. It is the customer’s responsibility to investigate any prohibitions, tariffs, import licenses, etc.

Mail Boxes Etc is responsible for the shipping, and we also fill out the customs documents that must be included in order to receive the shipment.

It is always the recipient who has to pay any customs duties or fees in the recipient country. If a shipment is stopped in customs and is not possible to introduce, or the recipient is not willing to pay any VAT / fee to local customs authorities and the package is requested in return, one must also pay for the return shipment.

Mail Boxes Etc will of course assist with assistance if your shipment is left in customs.


We can also offer imports from other countries. The easiest thing is if the sender has an email address that we can use to send over a shipping letter. Delivery time to Norway depends on the sender being quick to follow up.


All shipments abroad can be insured if desired. Customs value and insurance value must be equal. Fedex is the only supplier to insure and ship jewelry. The maximum insurance value of jewelry is $ 1000.


If your shipment is damaged during transport, the recipient must make a note to the driver delivering. Since the shipping company will inspect the package in case of damage nothing can be thrown.


To send a shipment, the following information is required:

  • Recipient (name or company)
  • Contact person and telephone number
  • Street address and house number
  • Zip code and city name
  • Land

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We are happy to answer any questions you may have about shipments both domestically and abroad. Call us on 22 40 29 60  for a chat about what to send and where to send it to, or fill out our shipping form  for a quote.

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